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Stemina Biomarker Discovery, Inc. >> was established in November 2006 and was the first investment of the DaneVest Tech Fund in the fall of 2007. The company was founded by Elizabeth Donley, JD, MBA, MS and Gabriela Cezar, DVM, PhD. Stemina is focused on discovery, development and commercialization of molecular biomarkers to improve drug safety ad human health. Stemina’s technology arises from the strategic convergence of two cutting edge technologies, stem cells and metabolomics developed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The company’s first commercial product was launched at the March 2009 Society of Toxicology meeting held in Washington D.C. This drug screening service uses human embryonic stem cells to screen drugs for their potential effect on the developing human embryo. Stemina has identified a novel set of biomarkers which can predict with greater than 90% accuracy the potential for a compound to cause birth defects.


TrafficCast China Inc. >> is developing a nationwide traffic management business for China. The business, co-founded by two Madison PhD’s of Chinese descent, is built on their proprietary technology, experience in the international traffic data industry, and knowledge of China’s unique traffic challenges and opportunities. TrafficCast’s long-term objective is to develop a China-wide traffic data business. TrafficCast currently has joint venture agreements with China Mobile (the leader in China mobile communications) and the City of Shanghai. They plan on rolling out services with China Mobile to Chinese cities that meet proforma criteria. The company is planning to achieve profitability for 2009-2010 and position itself for an IPO in either the Chinese NASDAQ or Hong Kong Stock market in 2011.



Compact Particle Acceleration Corporation >> has made significant progress since its spin-off from TomoTherapy at the beginning of 2008. CPAC, is developing and intends to commercialize the dielectric wall accelerator (DWA) for multiple applications; e.g. medical, defense, and security applications. The DWA, a device that can accelerate any charged particle, uses a substantially smaller structure and has greater accuracy than other acceleration methods. This DWA technology will provide the structure for providing proton therapy for the treatment of cancer. Proton particle therapy is widely acknowledged in clinical communities as a superior mode of treatment to conventional high-energy X-ray/photon radiotherapy. The physicians’ goal is to deposit as much energy or dose in a cancerous tumor while minimizing the dose that reaches the surrounding normal tissue. CPAC will design a device that will substantially reduce the footprint needed to conduct proton therapy, thereby greatly reducing the cost of such treatments and making it more affordable to a larger population of patients.



Alice.com >>was formed in June 2008 two successful serial entrepreneurs, Brian Wiegand and Mark McGuire. The company's mission is to use the power of the internet to take the chore out of buying non-perishable home essentials such as toothpaste, trash bags, paper goods, cleaning products, etc. The Company has developed a platform that will enable the consumer to purchase predictable, repeatable home products on a planned delivery schedule putting the purchase of these items on "auto-pilot". Shopping with Alice.com reduces unplanned trips to the store, lessens impulse buying, and provides rich data for price comparisons, while providing consumer goods delivered to your door with no additional shipping costs. Alice.com was successfully launched in June 2009 with over 6,000 sku’s and currently has gained considerable traction of approximately 1,000 orders per day. The company derives revenues from advertising dollars provided by the manufacturers. Each free sample shipped or coupon used by the consumer provides revenue to the company. Alice does not own any inventory in the distribution cycle; the company provides the vehicle to distribute products direct from the manufacturer to the consumer.




TrafficCast International, Inc. >> has developed and patented a web-based software platform to produce route-specific, real-time traffic information and travel time forecasts for emerging applications which deliver personalized traffic information via internet and wireless devices. The Company aggregates data impacting traffic from over 350 national sources, normalizes it, and processes it through its proprietary data fusion engine in order to deliver meaningful, actionable travel advice. TrafficCast International, Inc. holds exclusive rights to all proprietary information primarily in North America and rest of the world other than in China where rights are held by sister company TrafficCast China Inc. The company continues to find outlets for their data to add to their current impressive list of customers, Google, Yahoo, TomTom and several State Departments of Transportation. The company’s iPhone application “Motion –X” is currently in the top 5 of all downloads.

Eso Technologies

Eso-Technologies, Inc. >> is a medical device company that has designed and patented technologies to replace the pulmonary artery catheter and provide additional cardiac diagnostics, monitoring and ultimately, therapeutic tools. These new technologies are the result of years of study and work by John L. Atlee, M.D., an internationally-renowned cardiovascular anesthesiologist. The company has six issued patents and one pending that protects its intellectual property. The product is minimally-invasive, far safer for patients and cost effective. The basic principle of the Eso-Technologies solution is to place electrodes and sensing devices on the commonly used esophageal stethoscope (“ES”). Many surgical and ICU patients are now monitored with an ES since it provides acoustic heart and breath sounds as well as core body temperature. DaneVest Tech Fund I lead the initial funding round completed in the fall of 2009. Since the initial investment the company has achieved FDA approval on Investigational Device Exemption. The next milestone for the company will be to complete a series of three successful human clinical studies in 2010.




Sologear, LLC >> is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of a line of unique consumer products that utilize its proprietary technology for solidifying ethanol and other alcohols. This fuel is extremely clean burning, safe and shelf-stable. The FlameDisk® is Sologear’s first product, a patented device that provides the consumer with a dramatically more convenient, safer and eco-friendly alternative to charcoal in barbeque grills. This single-use product is compatible with all charcoal grills. The FlameDisk® is already being nationally distributed through Home Depot, Dick’s Sporting Goods, TrueValu, DoItBest, Ace Hardware and dozens of regional grocery chains. Sales of FlameDisk® have grown 480% over same store sales in 2009. The product is in over 4000 stores and continues to penetrate the market. The company is working on additional products such as the FlameDisk Grill™ which will provide the first integrated grilling system in the market, an all in one grilling solution.




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