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Capital Request

DaneVest Tech Fund Advisors requires specific information before we begin our confirmatory due diligence. The submission form information will be used to complete our preliminary due diligence. Once accepted, our confirmatory due diligence will require additional information, including a management presentation to the DaveVest Tech Fund Investment Committee.

We are looking for companies that have been in business at least one year and can provide information to support that their business plan has proceeded into the early stage phase of development. Our investment strategy is intended to provide capital to companies who have exhausted friends and family and are not ready for the larger venture capital stage. We typically look for investments between the $250,000 and $2,000,000 range, which may occur in various tranches.

DaneVest Tech Fund Advisors requires the following:

Preliminary Due Diligence Items
• Business Plan
• Investor Presentation (PPT format)
• Financial Model (electronic form)
• Addressable Market Analysis (including customer lists or prospective customers)
• Detailed Capitalization Table (electronic form)
• Organizational Chart (including directors and advisors)
• List and Copies of Patents (summarize actions by the PTO)
• Certificate of Incorporation
• Prior Financing Round Documents


Contact Information
Company Name:
Contact Name:
Company Address:
Web site:
  Please answer the following sections and limit your response to 500 words or less.
Founders and Background:
Industry Focus:
Company Description:
Mission Statement:
Market Size and Addressable Market Size:
Intellectual Property:
Capital Request:
Post Valuation:
Capital Use:
Past Capital Rounds / amount raised:
Exit strategy:


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