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Tech Fund

The Fund offers an opportunity to help early-stage companies grow and prosper, while at the same time providing investors with a potentially exciting, diversified investment. Investors will be provided with:

• paid professional management
• proprietary deal flow opportunities
• due diligence reviews by staff and third party technology experts
• independent investment committee
• business and technology advisory boards
• network of co-investing partners
• quarterly reports
• deal negotiating, mentoring and exit assistance for the portfolio companies

The Fund has been certified by the Department of Commerce as one of the few funds to be qualified to receive 25% tax credits for investments in Qualified New Business Ventures. The tax credits available for the Fund are greater than those available for individual angel investors in that the total amount of the credit dollars is greater, and the 25% credit can be taken in the year of investment rather than spread over 2 years. The Fund will also have a separate Tech Side Fund which is also certified and available for investors to receive additional tax credits.

The Fund’s offices are located at 8215 Greenway Boulevard, Suite 560, Middleton, Wisconsin 53562, web site at www.danevesttechfund.com

This information does not constitute an offering. An offering and subsequent investment can only be made after receiving and reviewing a private placement memorandum.



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